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Cell Phone Unlocking

What is Unlocking?

Carriers all over the world lock their phones to their carrier so that you can't simply move your phone number to a different carrier and use the same phone. Luckily, all phones (except iPhones) are made with an unlocking code hiding inside them. We can get this code and put it in your phone to "Unlock" it, which will allow it to work on any carrier (Some limits on frequency exist but can be explained by one of our technicians).

Can All Phones Be Unlocked?

The only phones that cannot be unlocked are older Telus and Bell phones which use CDMA technology and some iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. If you call us we can tell you for sure if your phone can be unlocked and often if it can't we have other options for you.

Sounds GREAT! Do You Do This Out Of The Goodness Of Your Heart?

Almost. We charge a small fee for unlocking the phones. The fee changes per phone and as it gets cheaper for us to unlock them we pass that savings onto you!

My Question Wasn't Answered Here!

Our friendly technicians have all the answers, please give one of them a call and they will be happy to help you out!